Trudeau ready to allow China in

Remember when Trudeau called China a great dictatorship? The Prime Minister is now looking to allow China to enter the Canadian economy.

China and Canada will try to reset their relationship when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lands for an eight-day visit next week, with pressure on the two countries to take at least one more step toward an eventual free-trade deal.

Chinese officials said they were baffled at times by the previous Conservative government’s position on China, which went from vocally condemning the human-rights situation in the country to trying to reap the benefits of its impressive growth. Overall, there was a sense the Conservatives were conflicted between their pro-trade and anti-communist views.

“The Liberal Party has a constant policy toward China,” a Chinese official said last week, adding the first objective of Mr. Trudeau’s visit will be to “build trust” between the leaders of the two governments.


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  1. That headline has fearful premonitions from the las Trudeau who “let the russians in” – right into government.

    Google ” RCMP feather bed file”

    With junior in chrge of expanded trade with China, I’m worried – already we have lost a large canola contract with them, and he is stalling the west cost port pipeline from Alberta to deliver the oail they want – Junior doing international trade sales – did you ever see that short film by Montey Python’s John Cleese on “how to unsell things”.? Yup we got that here now.

  2. This is ridiculous , he’s selling Canada to Chinese and Muslims!!!

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