VP pick Mike Pence once proposed to create “Ellis Island Centers” outside the U.S.

During the Republican convention neither Donald Trump nor any of the speakers talked about immigration or the deportation of illegal immigrants, this of course has left us with the question what exactly will Donald Trump do with the 11 million illegals currently in the United States?

Lets cue in Republican VP pick Mike Pence, R-Ind who back in 2006 put forth a proposal to “create private worker-placement agencies outside the U.S., “Ellis Island Centers,” that would be licensed by the federal government to match foreign workers with jobs that U.S. employers cannot fill with domestic workers.

Illegal immigrants would first have to leave the U.S. and then re-enter, only after they had received a guest-worker permit from one of the “Ellis Island Centers” established to screen them for re-entry.

There have been rumors circulating that Trump’s immigration policies are similar to what Pence once proposed, but this would require illegal immigrants to leave the U.S. and head to one of these “Ellis Island” centers to register and re apply entry back to the U.S.. This begs the question what if they don’t want to leave, will he round them up and deport them? Probably not.

Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist back in 2006 ended up saying this about the Pence plan.

“The Pence plan is going to end up being an amnesty just like all the other guest worker plans,” Gilchrist responded. “No matter how you package the idea, as soon you open up the idea that guest workers can stay, every illegal immigrant wanting to be in the U.S. immediately reclassifies themselves as a guest worker.

“Is Pence’s bill going to have the billions needed for law enforcement to prove otherwise? Again, I don’t think so.”

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