What gas plant scandal, what bribery scandal? Liberals want to distract public with marijuana legalization

See no evil hear no evil, this apparently is Kathleen Wynne’s message to Ontario. You see the Ontario Liberals have just released new plans to fully legalize marijuana at the same time as they’re headed to court to defend two massive scandals.

As Global reported, Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown said that in a bid to distract, the government announced the marijuana plan last week before fully considering both public safety and public health issues.

“I think the timing is quite obvious on this,” Brown said. “The Liberals are very good. They are professional campaigners. Right now, they’re trying to have a rushed announcement as a distraction technique. They don’t want us talking about the Liberal corruption trials. They want us talking about some salacious issue.”

Social media users were not fooled by the Liberals, Brian Lilley Tweeted “Another Liberal trial starts today. Bribery in Sudbury, emails & gas plants in Toronto. Do you trust Wynne?”

Legalize weed story coincidentally announced at the same time as the gas plant scandal is about to begin. Nice try.

In another part of Ontario, Liberals are facing another trial, this one for Glenn Thibeault bribery trial. 

The allegations are very serious against Wynne’s Liberals.

“It’s a big social change that should not be rushed to suit a political timeline,” he said. “No other province in Canada is rushing this. This is too important. It’s too important to keep our streets safe.”

NDP leader Andrea Horwath said the government must put social responsibility first in its legislation, but she noted that the proposal rolled out Friday didn’t say how it will achieve that.

The NDP have also suggested that the Liberals are letting the gas plants/Sudbury trials distract them from providing flood recovery to Windsor region.

“We don’t know what the taxation levels are going to be,” Horwath said. “We don’t know what the pricing is going to be. We don’t know what the product availability is going to be in terms of what’s going to be marketable in the province. There are far more questions than answers.”

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