• Technology

    France approves a tax on tech giants

    On Thursday France introduced a punitive tax on technological giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook despite threats from the United States. The allies must resolve their differences “without using threats,” said French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, just before the vote to approve the measure. The French Senate estimated that the levy will mean 400 million euros (450 million dollars) for the state coffers this year and 650 million dollars next year. Donald Trump’s government announced an investigation into the tax Wednesday night, under the same premise used last year to investigate Chinese technology policy. That investigation led to the imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports worth 250,000 million dollars.…

  • Bombardier

    Bombardier had a “great year” at Queretaro plant in Mexico, as the company cuts 550 jobs in Ontario

    Bombardier announced on Wednesday that it will lay off 550 employees at its Thunder Bay plant in Ontario, cutting its workforce by half. The company explained in a press release that the decision was “inevitable” because the contract to build streetcars for the city of Toronto is ending and at the moment there are no new agreements. The news of Ontario losing 550 workers at the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay created a blame game match between the federal Liberals and Ontario PC’s. “The decision is due to the cyclical nature of our work and the decline of our two high-demand programs,” said the company, which is dedicated to the…

  • United States

    Under Trump Americans are saving up to $1,200 per household from cuts to regulations

    One of the first things Donald Trump did as soon as he began his his term as president of the United States, is he signed into law Executive Order 13771. Under this law, each federal ministry and agency is obliged to eliminate two regulations for each new approved law. In addition, the decree requires that the net cost of introducing new regulations must be equal to or less than zero, which implies accompanying any measure of regulatory reinforcement with compensatory deregulation actions. The problem of over regulation has significantly depressed economic activity in the United States. In 1960, regulation approved by the federal government added 20,000 pages, while in 2016…

  • United States

    7.1 earthquake Rocks Southern California, reports of injuries

    Southern California is once again rumbling: USGS confirms a 7.1 earthquake. It was felt throughout the Las Vegas Valley. It occurred at a depth of 0.9 kilometers at 20.33 local time (03.19 GMT Saturday) and the epicenter was located about 17 kilometers north-northeast of Ridgecrest, a town of about 30,000 inhabitants 250 kilometers north of Los Angeles, where the tremor was felt. The epicenter is located right in the same area of Searles Valley, near the town of Ridgecrest, where on Thursday another quake hit and that was considered the strongest tremor in the last 20 years in that area. It is a sparsely populated region in the Mojave Desert,…

  • Joe Biden
    United States

    The time Nancy Pelosi endorsed a Confederate loving Democrat

    During a fundraising event in New York last month, Joe Biden a Democratic candidate running for President mentioned two deceased Democratic segregationist senators – James Eastland and Herman Talmadge – to argue that Washington worked more fluidly a generation ago than with today’s divisive politics. “We did not agree on almost anything,” Biden said of the two high profile senators, who were both around the time when Biden was elected into office 1972. Biden described Talmadge as “one of the most malicious men he has ever known.” But he said that even in that Senate, “at least there was a certain civility, we got results.” Biden’s rivals immediately reacted with…

  • Canadian jobs is eroding

    Pay levels deteriorating in the job market as Canadians are being payed below the average salary

    Canada has recently seen an increase in full-time employment and while that is great news economists are increasingly worried at the growth of pay levels. Over a one year period Canada has seen the number of low paying full time jobs rise sharply compared to mid paying jobs, also disconcerting is the fact that high paying jobs has seen the weakest performance, this according CIBC World Markets. An analyst told the Globe and Mail, the “quality” of Canadian jobs is eroding as increases in low- and mid-pay employment Another troubling sign is the increase in the number of employees who are being payed below the average salary. Benjamin Tal of…

  • Politics

    Dominic LeBlanc once accused the Conservative government of “abuse of power” for Senate appointees

    Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc is being accused of giving his close friends cushy jobs. According to reports an advocacy group is asking the federal conflict of interest and ethics commissioner to look into why Dominic LeBlanc’s friends scored high end paying jobs working as judicial appointees in the province of New Brunswick. Ironically Dominic LeBlanc once complained when then PM Stephen Harper wanted to appoint 33 Senate appointees. Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc said these appointments constituted an “abuse of power” by the Conservative government and sent each of the 33 a letter asking him or her to voluntarily step down and reapply The investigation found Five of the last six…

  • Nike
    United States

    Colin Kaepernick says these Nike shoes are a symbol of slavery

    The sports brand Nike has decided to remove from the market a limited edition shoes that show one of the first versions of the American flag. In recent years, this flag has become a symbol for white nationalists and racist groups. Nike has made the decision after former National Football League (NFL) player Colin Kaepernick criticized the model as offensive. Political parties have reacted to this decision and some Republicans have described Nike as an anti-American company. The flag known as Betsy Ross shows thirteen stars in a circle, representing the initial thirteen colonies and is one of the many original versions of the United States flag. The shoes were…

  • Politics

    Trudeau refuses to resign over accusations of alleged obstruction of justice

    The prime minister was singled out for pressuring to prevent a company from being sued for bribery and fraud. The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, rejected the resignation requests for a scandal that is affecting his government, saying that he and his staff always acted properly and that the Canadians will express their opinion on the matter in the federal elections in October. Trudeau’s comments came after the former Justice Minister of Canada and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould described a constant, sustained and inappropriate effort on the part of senior officials close to the prime minister who tried to dissuade her from prosecuting a Canadian engineering company. accused of bribery.…

  • Politics

    ‘…I Did Not Act Inappropriately,’ Justin Trudeau Says Amid Groping Allegation

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a self-described feminist, is now fielding questions about what happened with a female reporter on a summer day in 2000. “I’ve been reflecting very carefully on what I remember from that incident almost 20 years ago and again… I feel I am confident that I did not act inappropriately,” he told reporters in Toronto on Thursday. The accusation — that he groped a female reporter on assignment — traces back to a music festival which he attended in support of avalanche safety. He joined the cause after his brother Michel died while skiing in 1998. [via]

  • Alberta,  Headline

    Quebec is in no hurry to profit from its natural resources will ban shale fracking, limit oil-and-gas exploration

    People in the prairie provinces aren’t too happy with Quebec’s decision to land lock its natural resources, mainly shale fracking and oil and gas explorations. Global reported that The Quebec government will ban fracking for shale gas and impose stricter rules when it comes to the exploration, extraction and storage of oil and gas. “The safety of people, of goods and the protection of the environment is a prerequisite,” said Quebec’s Minister of Natural Resources Pierre Moreau as he unveiled the new measures on Wednesday. Quebec’s move to shut down its oil sector couln’t come at a worst time for the country as Trump’s tariffs are starting to put a…

  • Politics

    CBC comedian Mark Critch, defends Trudeau’s extravagant home purchases

    Mark Critch found himself causing a social media frenzy by defending purchases made by Justin Trudeau. It all began when Andrew Scheer Tweeted some of the recent additions to the prime minister’s residence. New golf cart: $5k. Porch & sun umbrellas: $13k. New deck & dock: $24k. Grooming personal ski trails: $28k. These are just SOME of the upgrades that Canadians are paying for at Justin Trudeau’s cottage. Why are taxpayers on the hook for this? #QP LIVE: Mark Critch appeared to defend Trudeau’s purchases as being part of an overall restoration of the cottage where the Trudeau’s live. To be fair, this “cottage” is the official summer residence of…

  • Politics

    Trudeau fined yet again for breaking conflict of interest law has to pay fine

    Is this becoming normal? Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada was found guilty of “violating Canada’s conflict of interest law.”  Do recall the prime minister was also fined for his vacation to the Aga Khan island in what was a $250,000 trip. According to sources, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been fined $100 for another breach of Parliament’s ethics code, this time involving a gift from the Premier of Prince Edward Island. Neither the breach nor fine were disclosed until Parliament prepared to adjourn for summer recess. #BREAKING: PM Justin Trudeau found guilty of violating Canada's conflict of interest law, forced to pay a fine: https://t.co/QPuaOpPtqW — Candice Malcolm…

  • Politics

    If elections held today, Trudeau’s Liberals would lose

    The numbers are in, and if you believe the polls Trudeau’s Liberals would lose an election today. The news that the latest Angus Reid poll would see the Conservatives take 40% of the popular vote to the Liberals 30% is a surprising story, almost as surprising as millennial voters fleeing the Liberals to the Conservatives. But the big news lies in the regional breakdowns which show a near wipe out for the Liberals west of Quebec. The Angus Reid Institute poll surveyed 5,423 Canadians between March 6-15, 2018. That is a big poll and that means big regional breakdowns with smaller margins of error, meaning if they are paying attention…

  • British Columbia

    Green party Leader Elizabeth May facing charges of contempt of court, pleads guilty

    Elizabeth May could face jail time for violating Kinder Morgan site injunction. Her problems began when she failed to vacate the premise of a location where a pipeline was to be built. Kinder Morgan is looking to expand its pipeline to the Vancouver coast but May and her green party activist continue to blockade construction. May could face a few months in jail for her illegal actions. BREAKING: Green party Leader Elizabeth May pleads guilty to contempt of court https://t.co/IC5np13lqj — CTV News (@CTVNews) May 28, 2018  

  • Crime

    59 year old Christian woman found murdered in Ottawa

    Tragedy struck the Christian Science community in Ottawa, as a 59-year-old Elisabeth Salm a librarian was found beaten and later died in hospital. Her attacker 18 year old Tyler Hikoalok was arrested and charged with her murder. The media is reporting Hikoalok is a member of Tr1be Music where Indigenous youth to express their heritage through art, music and fashion.   [via]

  • Crime

    Alek Minassian is the man who killed innocent people in Toronto

    Alek Minassian was arrested for this brutal attack in Toronto, which has caused the deaths of 10 and 15 injuries according to sources quoted by CBS. A former New York police officer quoted by NBC asserts that his sources in Canada have revealed to him that the attacker was known by the Canadian police and that the investigation is being treated as an act of terrorism. The police authorities have not yet offered official information about the motivations of this attack, nor official confirmation of the identity. Ten people have died in Toronto after the driver used a rental truck to run over people, as confirmed by local police, and…

  • Business

    Canada’s new trade missions will mainly focus on social justice

    In a stunning admission the Liberal Minister of International Trade François Champagne has released a glimpse of what Canada’s future trade missions will focus on, and it appears to mainly be related to gay rights with a social justice approach. https://twitter.com/FP_Champagne/status/987703363855945730 Trade missions should focus on trade not just social justice. Maybe we should instead stick with the dull but effective strategy of promoting Canada's lowest cost producers to leverage comparative advantage? https://t.co/qFBdMHzuAe — John Ivison (@IvisonJ) April 23, 2018 Business owners are once again left scratching their heads with a government that is more focused on social issues rather than looking at new ways to generate new revenue.

  • Politics

    Trudeau shows his disgust for conservatives at Liberal 2018 Convention

    While certain media pundits and liberal supporters continue to push Trudeau’s sunny ways message, the Prime Minister was in full combat mode at this years 2018 Halifax Liberal Convention. ‘Fear and division’: Trudeau rips Conservatives in campaign-style speech to supporters Painting conservatives as divisive and threatening is a common tactic in Canadian politics by progressive parties as a way to control the narrative, this time around Trudeau is trying to paint conservatives as anti carbon tax, and anti immigrant. Keep in mind this is the same Trudeau government that has banned Christian groups from receiving funding due to their pro life beliefs, not to mention the many Liberal MP’s who…

  • United States

    Man opens fire in Texas church, multiple casualties being reported

    A man opened fire in the afternoon in a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs County, Texas, according to police. The incident occurred in the First Baptist Sutherland Springs. At the moment, multiple deaths have been confirmed. Other reports highlighted that they are about 15 citizens. The authorities did say that the perpetrator, whose identity is unknown, is dead. The place of worship is located about 40 miles southeast of San Antonio, the state capital. The KSAT and KENS television stations first reported that there were “many victims” and that there was a significant police presence in the Sutherland Springs church. #BREAKING Shooting at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.…

  • Politics

    George Soros Open Society Foundation is working with the Trudeau government on refugee sponsorship

    Canada has accepted more than 25,000 Syrian refugees thanks in part to George Soros, and the United Nations. Now a group is exporting Canada’s “global refugee sponsorship initiative.” A new pro immigration video featuring Ahmed Hussen Canada’s immigration minister explains the initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT3aaKEkLUU Many Canadians are worried about billionaire Soros meddling in Canada’s immigration system. The Canadian Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau has teamed up with leftwing philanthropist George Soros to make Canada a case study for Syrian refugee integration. Canada’s growing border crisis is just another example of Trudeau and Soros working destabilize Canada, as is being reported by TheRebel. Last year, Open Society Foundations began working with the…

  • United States

    8 dead and 15 injured in Manhattan Islamic terror attack

    A man who shouted Allah Akbar in Arabic ran over several people in a bike lane in lower Manhattan, in southern New York, after which there was a shooting by the NYPD. The suspect used a truck to kill at least six people and left at least fifteen more injured, according to official sources and local media. Several people have had to be taken to Bellevue Hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds, according to the New York Post. The FBI is investigating the incident as a terrorist attack. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/925453967903125505 From the information of the police and several witnesses the suspect got on a pick-up van headed southward a bicycle…